Adaptive Abilities are a class of abilities P.A.W. units may utilize in combat, similar to Class Abilities. Unlike Class Abilities, they are not restricted by class, and a character may choose the ability they desire upon creation of a new P.A.W. unit. Like Class Abilities, Adaptive Abilities may be upgraded by form of level up. Only one ability may be selected per unit.

Also unlike Class Abilities, Adaptive Abilities may be switched out for another ability. These require purchasing the respective AA chip from the Store.

The abilities are as follows.

Parkour Edit

The P.A.W. unit gains small thrusters on its chassis that allow it to wall run, power slide, jump significantly higher into the air, and many other athletic abilities.

  • Level 1: The user may now bounce off of walls while wall running. This can be chained into a melee attack that deals increased damage.
  • Level 2: The unit's limbs gain amplified energy, which allows it to perform lightning fast punching and kicking combinations when activated.
  • Level 3: Parkour jump power is amplified, which allows the unit to leap from street level to skyscraper levels with ease.

Shockwave Edit

The P.A.W. unit slams onto the ground with their fists, feet, or (if the unit has one) blunt melee weapon and generates a powerful, damaging shock wave.

  • Level 1: Increased damage to enemies closer to the P.A.W. unit using Shockwave.
  • Level 2: The ground hit by Shockwave temporarily turns into mud, slowing down P.A.W. units that walk through it and pulling them down.
  • Level 3: Upgrade into Smart Shockwave; the Shockwave will not damage friendly P.A.W. units and they can walk through the mud left behind safely.

Warlord Edit

The P.A.W. unit is designed specifically as a war machine, granting them extra space to store weapons. Initially, the unit starts with five slots.

  • Level 1: The unit is given access to hammerspace and may store their extra weapons in a cloud storage system.
  • Level 2: The unit may utilize up to six weapons.
  • Level 3: The unit may utilize up to eight weapons.

Protector Edit

The P.A.W. unit gains access to a kinetic shield that protects their chassis from a varying amount of ballistic attacks. It does not protect organic limbs and does not protect the user against melee attacks. Initially, Protector only protects the user from one projectile.

  • Level 1: Protection increased to three projectiles.
  • Level 2: Protection increased to five projectiles.
  • Level 3: Protection increased to eight projectiles which will be reflected back towards the enemy.