The Black Hat Class (stylized as Blackhat) is an available P.A.W. unit class. The unit is designed as a software hacker and a large internal database on software and codes. They may capture control points essential for missions as well as other important software and intel.

They have the natural ability to hack computers, Bots and NPC objects such as cameras, weapons, vehicles, and even NPC P.A.W. units. The downside is that if they are hacking, they direct all their energy to the hacked object or unit, leaving their own chassis vulnerable to attack.

Buddy Edit

The Buddy is the Blackhat's special ability. The unit drops a small Bot that follows the P.A.W. unit around and fights for them. The Buddy unit may be destroyed.

By default, the Buddy unit is equipped with one machine gun and one grenade launcher, which can be upgraded by leveling up.

  • Level 1: The Buddy may identify friendly P.A.W. units, allowing it to signal for help. It also has a Boost ability which grants it a temporary burst of speed.
  • Level 2: The Buddy begins to communicate through noises that only its Blackhat unit will understand. The Buddy may also equip one extra weapon of their choice.
  • Level 3: The Buddy gains the ability to speak fully and clearly. It may be converted into a separate PAW unit as well, however, this can only be done once and the new unit will take up a unit slot.

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