The Collaborative Legion of Animal Weapons (popularly abbreviated as C.L.A.W.) is the second primary faction that appears in Project P.A.W. They are the designated "freedom fighter" faction, revolting against Bionic Animal Research and Kinetics to free the captive humans and P.A.W. units imprisoned on New Pangaea.

CLAW Logo-0

The official logo of the C.L.A.W. faction.

History Edit

C.L.A.W. is an organization made very recently, being founded in 2044. As such, the majority of their members are either defectors from B.A.R.K. or inexperienced P.A.W. units who were born into the faction. 

They are the faction that Team B.A.S.H. is affiliated with, putting them into service as soon as they had enough members to create the wet works task force.