The Driver Class is an available P.A.W. class. These units have the special ability to summon a vehicle to their location. The vehicle may be one of many approved vehicles, as well as the option to summon a Siege Unit as a vehicle. The vehicle may be used by other P.A.W. units, friend or foe, if the Driver that summoned it is not driving it. Be warned that the vehicle may be destroyed if it takes too much damage (another may be summoned after a cooldown period) and that only one vehicle per Driver may exist at any given time.

Summoning their vehicle is the Driver Class natural ability.

Autopilot Edit

Autopilot is the Driver Class special ability. When activated, the vehicle may temporarily act on its own, driving to the location of the driver or attacking enemy units. The vehicle does not require a driver inside while Autopilot is in effect. Autopilot will automatically wear off if it takes too much damage while it is activated.

  • Level 1: The vehicle gains increased armor and top speed
  • Level 2: The vehicle will deliver an electric shock to the first enemy P.A.W. unit that attempts to steal it.
  • Level 3: Autopilot will now last permanently, until deactivated manually or until the vehicle is destroyed.

Registered Units Edit

B.A.R.K. Edit

Harrytron (also known as Exocet)

C.L.A.W. Edit


N.E.W.T. Edit