The Drone Class is an available P.A.W. class. These units are based off of currently existing radio control drones and share many things in common with them. They are designed with flight capabilities in mind and always have a method of flight built into their chassis, whether it be wings, a jet pack, small rotors, or anything else that can make the unit fly. They have the natural ability to record footage due to special Drone optics that insert miniature cameras into their pupils.

Bug Edit

Bug is the Drone Class special ability. The Drone drops a small camera that stays in place and records enemy footage and conversations until it is destroyed. Feedback is live, but can be played back when not in combat.

  • Level 1: The Bug identifies friendly units and informs them of its presence, suggesting friendly P.A.W. units may defend it
  • Level 2: The Bug will turn invisible for a few moments upon deployment
  • Level 3: The Bug is equipped with a small laser to protect itself

Registered Units Edit

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