The E.V.A. Class (stylized as Eva class; EVA meaning Extra Vehicular Activity) is an available P.A.W. unit class. The unit is optimized for operations in space and areas where air is limited or too toxic to breathe. The Eva class natural ability is breath disable. The unit can disable breathing at will when needed, but only for a limited amount of time (see below).

While this class was designed with the intention of space exploration, it also proves effective in hazardous environments and underwater. However, it has issues that prevent it from replacing the Marine Class in this regard, such as tiring when out of breath and the lack of proper underwater equipment.

The Eva class is unique in that it has an internal breath meter of sorts, functioning similar to stamina. Using the natural or Class abilities use up breath. The longer the unit goes on without breathing, the weaker its abilities become and the more damage is takes. Thus, units with this class undergo extensive training to ensure they are fit for the dangers this class holds.

Gravitation Edit

Gravitation is the Eva Class special ability. It allows the unit to trigger anti-gravity effects around itself, allowing for zero gravity maneuvers such as jumping. However, this ability eliminates air around the unit, which reduces its breath meter. The ability cannot be used in areas that already have zero gravity in effect.

  • Level 1: Gravitation can be transferred to a friendly unit, allowing them to benefit from its effects. The Eva unit cannot use Gravitation while it is given to another unit.
  • Level 2: Gravitation can be used offensively against enemies, which hoists targets into the air for a limited amount of time, then slams them into the ground once it wears off. The more enemies affected by Gravitation, the faster the breath meter wears down.
  • Level 3: Gravitation can be used by both the Eva unit and a friendly unit simultaneously. In addition, the enemy variant is amplified; using it on enemies flings targets high into the air and sends them falling, though the Level 2 variant can still be used for nonlethal takedowns.

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