Experience (XP for short) is a roleplay mechanic featured in the Project P.A.W. roleplay. It is used to give a sense of progression by allowing P.A.W. units to level up and gain access to new abilities.

Gaining XP Edit

There are several ways to gain XP in the roleplay.

Roleplay Edit

Posting your roleplay logs on deviantArt. A roleplay with 200 words will give 1 XP. Every 100 words afterwards will give 1 XP. This applies to everyone involved. For example, a roleplay with three people that contains 730 words will give 6 XP to all three participants' characters.

Side Missions Edit

Successful completion of a side mission will award a certain amount of XP that varies by mission.

Art Edit

Draw pictures of your roleplay! What exactly you draw will determine how much XP your character gets. Drawing someone else's character does not get them XP

  • Sketch: 5 XP per sketch
  • Headshot: 10 XP
  • Half-body: 20 XP
  • Full-body: 50 XP
  • Full-body with simple background: 40 XP
  • Full-body with complex background: 75 XP
  • Extra characters: 20 XP per character
  • Shading: 20 XP
  • Fight scene with at least two fullbody characters in dynamic poses and a simple background: 150 XP

Plot Missions Edit

Completing a plot-related mission (when available) will grant 25 XP, plus any bonuses.

Kills Edit

Killing an enemy P.A.W. unit in a roleplay grants 50 XP. The enemy P.A.W. will respawn.

Omega Xp Code Edit

This is a rare item that can be purchased from the Store or can be potentially given out as a reward for a side mission. It gives the user enough XP to gain one level.

Level Edit

Level is a mechanic used to make a P.A.W. unit more stronger and reward them for activity and progression. The higher level they are, the more powerful their abilities are. In addition, leveling up also grants new abilities to a unit. There are a total of 15 levels

The XP requirements to level up are as follows:

  1. 1,000 XP (Natural and Adaptive Ability)
  2. 1,250 XP (Class Ability)
  3. 1,500 XP
  4. 2,000 XP (Class Ability Upgrade)
  5. 2,000 XP
  6. 2,500 XP (Adaptive Ability Upgrade)
  7. 2,500 XP
  8. 3,000 XP (Class Ability Upgrade)
  9. 3,000 XP (Adaptive Ability Upgrade)
  10. 3,000 XP
  11. 3,000 XP
  12. 3,000 XP (Class Ability Upgrade)
  13. 3,500 XP (Adaptive Ability Upgrade)
  14. 4,000 XP
  15. 5,000 XP