The Generator Class is an available P.A.W. unit class. Generator units are given an amplified generator within their chassis to allow them to vent excess energy in the form of elemental attacks. Typically, these generators replace a vital organ. The elements that may be chosen are fire, electric, frost (ice) and kinetic energy. Utilizing these elemental attacks is their natural ability, however it is classified as one of the unit's weapons for balance reasons.

Generator units are unique in that they may also provide power or energy to control points or any otherwise abandoned locations.


EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse; for electric and kinetic units), ICE (Immobilizing Cold Emplacement; for frost units) or HEL (Heated Electromagnetic Lockdown; for fire units) is the Generator Class special ability. When used, it overloads an electronic's systems with a moderate electromagnetic charge, disabling it temporarily. Unlike other Class abilities, which grant a temporary upgrade, EMP/HEL is an offensive attack, albeit it is not a lethal one at first.

Initially, EMP/HEL may only be used to target small electronics and control points.

  • Level 1: P.A.W. units may be targeted by EMP, ICE, or HEL, in which case it will disable their ammunition-based weapons.
  • Level 2: A P.A.W. unit's chassis may be targeted, which paralyzes them and renders them immobile.
  • Level 3: EMP/HEL/ICE now utilizes elemental damage, which causes the affected P.A.W. unit to emit flames, icicles, or sparks from their chassis which can damage or paralyze other P.A.W. units nearby. In addition, it can kill P.A.W. units low on energy.

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