Holden Monaro is a Speed Class P.A.W. unit that appears prominently in the Project P.A.W. story. He is a Warlord model P.A.W. unit developed as a prototype by Bionic Animal Research and Kinetics.

Prior to the events of the roleplay, he was initially created to be the ultimate war machine to eradicate rebel units of the Collaborative Legion of Animal Weapons. However, a C.L.A.W. unit going by the name Jonathan "Specs" Wesson was sent to break him out of the B.A.R.K. headquarters he was being built in. He also received help from a defector B.A.R.K. unit known as Bradley Winchester. Once the three escaped, they found a fourth unit known as Altezza Ortiz and together they created Team B.A.S.H., a wet works task force to handle all of C.L.A.W.'s more dangerous operations.

Conversion Edit

Holden (born as Paul) was born in the Melbourne Zoo in Melbourne, Australia to a mother and father. They were very lax and aloof due to not being used to the foreign environment they were put in. Leaving Paul practically by himself, he wandered out of his home and eventually out of the zoo with the intention of exploring the world. However, shortly after he was off zoo property, he was hit by a car while trying to cross a road. The impact crushed his entire body from the chest down and severely damaged one of his front legs. The driver did not stop to check the damage.

Paul should have died. But a B.A.R.K. scientist who was visiting the zoo and followed the pangolin out took the remains of the pangolin and rushed him to the nearest headquarters. He was successfully resuscitated and so the process to convert him into a P.A.W. unit began immediately. Here, he was given the new name, Holden.

Upon the creation of New Pangaea, he was then sent over to their primary facility in Phillpott City to continue conversion. It was here that he was armed with his signature cannons and GAU-24 machine guns. All of his weapons were made retractable so he could carry as many as possible to take advantage of his Warlord attributes as well as to conceal them better.

Trivia Edit

  • Holden is technically genderless due to the fact that his reproductive organs were destroyed when he was hit by the car. However, mentioning the fact makes him uncomfortable and so he still uses male pronouns.
  • Holden is named after the car that hit him, a Holden Monaro.
  • Holden has the distinction of being the first P.A.W. unit-based character created.
  • Holden's P.A.W. cannon is similar in function and appearance to Mega Man's Mega Buster, giving him the fan nickname "Furry Mega Man".