Kurdaitcha Wantibirri is an NPC that appears in the Project P.A.W. roleplay. He serves as the salesman for the Weapons Store.

Kurdaitcha is a hardened war veteran, serving for Bionic Animal Research and Kinetics as one of their best units. He fought during the Mutricon Raid of 2042 and even served in some military operations with the Australian Military. Despite being formerly affiliated with B.A.R.K., he does not show any suspicion of units associated with C.L.A.W. and, in fact, shows more hostility to B.A.R.K. units under the assumption that they will attempt to turn him in for leaving B.A.R.K. to be a free agent, selling the weapons he receives from B.A.R.K. in the form of weapon caches sent via air drop.

He has a daughter named Eleanor, who fights for C.L.A.W..