The Marine Class is an available P.A.W. unit class. The P.A.W. chassis is extensively retooled for the purpose of undersea exploration. Modifications include a permanent air tank or artificial gills and swimming extensions of any sort. They have the natural ability to generate air bubbles for other P.A.W. units to use, however these do not last indefinitely like regular Marine Class tanks.

While Marine units thrive exceptionally well in water, they do not need to live exclusively in water, nor do they need to resurface for air like other P.A.W. units in water. Also, natural sea animals such as fish, sharks, dolphins, and many others, are not the only animals eligible for the Marine Class. Any animal may be a Marine Class unit.

Sonar Edit

Sonar is the Marine Class special ability. When activated, it emits an echolocation-type of wave that reveals the locations of any nearby enemies.

  • Level 1: Sonar may be used to reveal underground enemies as well.
  • Level 2: Sonar will identify friendly units, which also means they may identify enemy units posing as another faction.
  • Level 3: Sonar gains an offensive ability in the form of a sound-based shockwave which can be toggled at will by the user. When Sonar is used, it disorients enemies picked up by Sonar, and can knock closer enemies off their feet and damage them.

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