Max Paul Phillpott (March 24, 1977-July 14, 1999) was a robotics expert who worked for Bionic Animal Research and Kinetics starting in 1996 as an intern. He was part of the development team that built the first prototype P.A.W. unit: Cocoa. Cocoa took a liking to him in particular, and over the course of her rehabilitation formed a bond together. Once she was fully recovered and accustomed to her chassis, Max adopted her and lived with him and his girlfriend.

On the night of July 14 1999, he was shot and killed by two armed robbers, leaving Cocoa to be returned to B.A.R.K. for further experimentation and treatment due to being shot as well.

The capital city of New Pangaea is named after him in a way to honor his service to B.A.R.K. and their research; Phillpott City.