The Mechanic Class is an available P.A.W. unit class. These units are designed around both building and repairing armor and weapons, and serve to repair damaged P.A.W. units' chassis. For these occasions, they typically carry repair tools that may also be used as improvisational weapons.

They have the natural ability to repair machines. To build machines, they require the proper materials and blueprints, which may be found at Stores.

Mechanic units are one of two methods of repairing a P.A.W. chassis, with the other being a Revitalization Chamber.

Hypershield Edit

Hypershield is the Mechanic Class special ability. When activated, it grants a friendly P.A.W. unit a temporary armor boost, which protects them from bullet, laser, fire, and kinetic attacks. It does not protect against melee attacks, which can break the Hypershield instantly. Hypershield also protects against explosive weapons, but only one projectile will be repelled, which breaks the Hypershield on detonation. Only one Hypershield may be used at any given time.

  • Level 1: Grants the ability to disable the Hypershield prematurely.
  • Level 2: The Hypershield may be used on one's self.
  • Level 3: The Hypershield heals a P.A.W. unit when it is not taking fire.

Registered Units Edit

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