The Medic Class is a selectable P.A.W. class. These units have a similar function to the Mechanic Class, in which they heal friendly P.A.W. units. The difference however, is that Medic units are purposed to treat wounds on the animal's organic sections as opposed to the P.A.W. chassis. They have databases on medicine and other types of medical care to aid their purposes, and healing is their natural ability.

Vitamin Edit

Vitamin is the Medic Class special ability. A friendly unit is selected to receive a temporary upgrade in defense and energy which allows the unit to survive more damage and increase their stamina, respectively. The Medic must be in contact with the unit to activate Vitamin.

  • Level 1: Faster healing process.
  • Level 2: Also increases damage of any laser weapons while Vitamin is in effect.
  • Level 3: Upgrade to Vitamin Rain; the Medic now summons a healing rain that affects multiple friendly units in the area. This will drain the Medic's energy, however.

Registered P.A.W. Units Edit

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