Melbourne is the capital and most populous city in the Australian state of Victoria, and the second most populous city in Australia and Oceania. Melbourne is a vast urban jungle consisting of a massive metropolitan region situated in the Port Phillip Bay, near the Dandenong and Macedon mountain ranges. In Project P.A.W., it is an Earth location home to several chokepoints.

The city suffers from a relatively high crime rate by varying degrees of criminals. This amount has only risen with the introduction of P.A.W. units who help them in their malicious endeavors. While the city is not abandoned or in chaos like many other Earth cities available, it is still a dangerous location to visit.

Chokepoints Edit

Eureka Tower Edit

Eureka Tower is a Level 5 Chokepoint. The tower has fallen into disrepair and somehow the top portion of the tower has fallen off, leaning on the remaining half in an angled, upside down position. It can be accessed by the Skydeck on floor 88 which still retains its iconic view. The entire tower rocks occasionally due to the frail, tall structure settling into the ground. Due to this, sometimes floors and objects can fall apart and cause hazards for P.A.W. units. Despite this very blatant safety hazard, there are still people and feral units who reside in the tower.

Often, a feral unit of significant strength will occupy the Skydeck, serving as a boss of sorts. The animal is random but it will always utilize an Exocet Suit equipped with a gatling gun and missile launchers, boasting that it is protecting the great tower from invaders. Once the unit is killed, it will drop some valuables and the overturned half of the tower can be accessed.

Because the overturned half is cut off from the rest of the tower, there is no electricity and thus the abandoned close quarters building is very dark with almost no sunlight coming through. Windows serve as platforms here and can be broken and fallen through. No humans reside here, with feral P.A.W. units taking refuge here instead. In addition, large venomous spiders that live here spin webs that can block off/trap units, corrode through armor, and poison units' organic halves.