Modification Serums are a special project made by Bionic Animal Research and Kinetics. They are like a "cheat" method to utilize animals that are otherwise incompatible for P.A.W. conversion for size or biology reasons, as well as a way to further personalize P.A.W. units' organic halves.

Because of how volatile modification serums are, they typically have unpredictable side effects which can affect an animal in multiple ways. They can range from mental to physical defects and in serious cases, death.

Note that the side effects are not hard-and-fast rules but merely suggestions for roleplayers who wish to add flaws to their characters.

Functional Serums Edit

Growth Edit

Growth increases the size of the animal, typically to around four or five feet tall. Small rodents and insects are popular candidates for this serum. Sometimes the animal's personality is affected from the increased blood rushing through their nervous systems.

Stunt Edit

Stunt causes an animal, typically a cub, to be permanently locked into a certain height and age. Because of this, the P.A.W. unit typically acts like a child or more like an animal than any other P.A.W. unit would. This is usually how animals otherwise classified as Siege Units can be used as P.A.W. units, such as horses or large cats.

Athletic Edit

This serum increases the strength of an animal's hind legs, allowing them to walk on two legs if they retain their organic legs and are quadrupedal. Because of this added weight, the legs and spine of an animal are in constant pain.

Life Edit

This is a now discontinued serum, intended to prolong the life of the P.A.W. unit injected with it. However, the animals' bodies cannot handle the power of this serum, their frail and aged organs failing trying to function longer than usual. Cocoa, the first P.A.W. unit, was injected with this serum, which killed her. Instead, machinery within a P.A.W. unit's chassis prolongs an animal's life artificially, with much better results.

Aesthetic Serums Edit

Goldenrod Edit

This gives the animal's fur a distinctive shade of yellow/orange. The animal is more susceptible to heat under the effects of this serum.

Albino Edit

This gives the animal a pure white coat and red eyes. The animal gains poor eyesight as a result of this serum.

Hair Edit

This gives the animal human-like hair atop their heads that can be combed into any style. The hair must match the animal's fur and will be more susceptible to heat as a result of this serum.

Bluestreak Edit

This gives the animal silver fur with blue eyes. The animal has more sensitive skin as a result of this serum.