Peacekeeper P.A.W. units are the playable subdivision of Bionic Animal Research and Kinetics. They are the official military police service of New Pangaea, under direct command from the B.A.R.K. Generals.

For all intents and purposes, when it comes to general discussion to the faction, they are simply referred to as B.A.R.K., as opposed to Peacekeepers. In combat, some units may refer to them as Peacekeepers.

History Edit

The Peacekeeper division was founded the same year as the Mutricon Attacks: 2042. They were designed specifically as B.A.R.K.'s official response to the attacks with the guise of joining their clients in combat. This intent shifted drastically upon the creation of New Pangaea, and the Peacekeepers now serve as a sort of military police that patrols the continent.

With the formation of C.L.A.W., the Peacekeepers then focused their attention towards pacifying the rebel P.A.W. units. They use an equal amount of aggressive force as they do to any other "hostiles" on New Pangaea.

Armament Edit

In addition to the obligatory P.A.W. units, the Peacekeepers are also supplied with other types of weaponry from B.A.R.K., the most notable being Care Packages and Droids. As the primary B.A.R.K. headquarters and manufacturing plant is located within Phillpott City, New Pangaea's primary city, supplies are shipped en masse and directly to peacekeepers in need of them.


A B.A.R.K. Peacekeeper droid.

In addition to their large P.A.W. unit military, they also have a large array of vehicles available. Halftracks are used for ground-based cargo deliveries and are sometimes armed with limited defense mechanisms such as machine gun turrets. Their choice of aerial transport include AC-150X armed cargo planes and the V-2 Osprey Advanced helicopter.

Generals Edit

The Peacekeeper militia is commanded by a total of eight generals, with Maggy VIII being the leader. The generals are as follows:

  • Maggy VIII
  • Harrytron (also known as Exocet)
  • Marcus
  • Styx
  • Unidentified
  • Unidentified
  • Unidentified
  • Unidentified