Respawning is the act of a character coming back to life upon death. In-universe, it is made canon in the form of the Revitilization Barrier, an advanced mechanical barrier that surrounds New Pangaea.

The Revitilization Barrier activates when a P.A.W. Unit is killed by an enemy P.A.W. Unit. However, respawning has a palliative effect; once respawned, the P.A.W. Unit will retain any damage on their chassis and organic bodies they had, discounting arm and leg amputations. Instead, the unit will be unable to use any retractable or integrated weapons on their hand, and feel constant pain in their joins on the amputated arm. For legs, they will have reduced movement speed and feel constant pain in their joints and feet.

To alleviate chassis damage, a P.A.W. Unit must be fixed by a Mechanic Class P.A.W. Unit, enter a Revitalization Chamber, or visit a Refurbrisher.

To alleviate body damage, a P.A.W. Unit must see a Medic (either an NPC or a Medic Class Unit), be healed by a Mechanic Unit's Level 3 Hypershield, enter a Revitalization Chamber, or use a Medkit.

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