Siege Unit Examples

Examples of Siege Units. All but the elephant are usable as Driver Class vehicles.

A Siege Unit is a large, quadrupedal P.A.W. unit that utilizes a large land animal as the base. As their name states, Siege Units are typically used in large scale battles as heavy weapon platforms as well as transport and delivery of goods.

Siege Units are non-playable characters, and can only be used if one is found in New Pangaea during roleplay. A Siege Unit can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Coming across a wild one in New Pangaea. Note that obtaining a Siege Unit this way is temporary and the Siege Unit must be released back into the wild if it is not killed in action
  • Purchasing one from a Store. These Siege Units may be used and kept until their death, in which case they must be given up.
  • As a Driver Class P.A.W. Unit, choosing one as your vehicle. The selection for Siege Units is very limited, but these Siege Units may be kept even after death.

Siege Units may be used by any faction; B.A.R.K. Peacekeepers, C.L.A.W. Operatives, or The Neutral Wanderers.

Biology Edit

Like P.A.W. units, Siege Units require an animal that suffered serious injuries. On paper, they are the same as P.A.W. units, but they have many differences: The first one being that the animals used for the chassis (as well as the chassis itself) are significantly larger, with the largest Siege Units dwarfing the average P.A.W. unit. Because of their size, they are usually built like tanks, decked out in thick armor that covers their organic bits. Finally, unlike P.A.W. units, they are exclusively quadrupedal to support their heavy bodies and run when needed.

List of Siege Units Edit

The following animals have seen usage as Siege Units. Names in bold may be chosen as vehicles by Driver units.

  • Horse (speed-oriented, light weaponry if any, seats two)
  • Elephant (walking powerhouse, heavily armored. Usually, their trunks are replaced with cannons, seats six)
  • Rhino (balance of speed, armor, and offense, seats three)
  • Blue Whale (aquatic powerhouse with levitation capabilities, typically used as a mobile headquarters)
  • Tortoise (armored transport and cavalry, very slow, seats one)
  • Giraffe (fast, armored attack unit, seats four)
  • Lion (offensive unit, often heavily armed but lacking in armor, seats two)
  • Cow (provides milk, which heals P.A.W. units, seats three)
  • Ostrich (speed-oriented, light weaponry if any, seats two)