The Speed Class is an available P.A.W. unit class. As its name states, units in this class are speed-oriented. They have increased running speed and lower body strength, giving them exceptional amounts of stamina for running. Due to their emphasis on running, they gain the natural ability to utilize a tackle attack to pair with their unmatchable speed.

This is one of two P.A.W. classes to have access to quadrupedal mode, with the other being the Stealth Class. When in this mode, the P.A.W. unit has increased running speed and tackle damage.

Boost Edit

Boost is the Speed Class ability. When activated, it allows the unit a temporary increase in speed. When combined with a tackle attack, the attack deals more damage.

  • Level 1: Boost duration is increased. Boost may be used to scale vertical surfaces as well.
  • Level 2: The P.A.W. unit using Boost is cloaked in flames while it is activated. This allows it to deal extra damage to enemies it tackles, as well as break through obstacles.
  • Level 3: The P.A.W. unit's feet no longer touch the ground when Boost is active. In addition, it can temporarily glide in the air using Boost.

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