The Stealth Class is an available P.A.W. class. As their name states, these units are designed around being stealthy masters of deception. They are typically silent killers, using their wits, weapons, and their Cloak ability to perform stealth takedowns. They have the natural ability to generate holograms and decoys to further throw off enemies.

They are one of two P.A.W. classes with access to quadrupedal mode, with the other being the Speed Class. When in quadrupedal mode, they have muted footprints and increased sneaking speed, able to sneak up on enemies easier.

Cloak Edit

Cloak is the Stealth Class special ability. When activated, it turns the P.A.W. unit invisible for a short period of time. This invisibility wears off prematurely if the P.A.W. unit uses their weapon (with the exception of nonlethal and melee weapons) or is hit.

  • Level 1: The Cloak duration is increased
  • Level 2: While cloaked, the unit's weapons are silenced, allowing for stealthy ranged kills
  • Level 3: Cloak duration is permanent, and lasts until the unit disables Cloak manually or is hit

Registered P.A.W. Units Edit

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Nuro Toxin