Stores are locations that are in-universe located all across New Pangaea, but in the roleplay they are accessed via the Store page on the deviantArt group. This is where a unit goes to spend their Bank.

There are many types of stores available, each with different inventory and NPCs.

Weapons Store Edit

The Weapons Store is ran by Kuraitcha Wantibirri. You may purchase pre-existing weapons from here if you wish to add any weapons to your character after creating them or adopting them.

This store was set up by Kurdaitcha after he retired from B.A.R.K., now a free agent. Due to his connections, he still receives shipments for weapons and sells them to any unit regardless of faction for the right price.

Paul's Autos Edit

Paul's Autos is ran by Paul Peregrine. Here, you may purchase Driver Vehicles for your Driver Class P.A.W. unit if your unit owns a garage.

This store was set up by Paul as an easier way to get P.A.W. units transportation across New Pangaea. Once a B.A.R.K. unit, he defected from the faction not too long after C.L.A.W. was founded, now being a neutral unit who dislikes violence and the war-torn reality the continent has become.

Stasis Pod Facility Edit

The Stasis Pod Facility is ran by Jamie Flask. This store was designed for roleplayers who wish to "adopt" pre-made or "disavowed" P.A.W. units. Pre-made P.A.W. units will be received without any weapons, so they must be given new weapons via the Weapons Store. Abandoned P.A.W. units will be received with whatever weapons they had prior to being disavowed.

The Stasis Pod Facility was abandoned shortly after C.L.A.W. was founded and began to revolt against B.A.R.K., leaving several P.A.W. units in stasis behind in the process. Jamie Flask and her brother Sparky discovered the facility and took refuge in it, now tending to the units in stasis forgotten by time.

How to buy Edit

Simply comment on the journal mentioning what you would like to buy. Please make sure you have sufficient Bank before you buy! You should then get a receipt from a moderator confirming your purchase, as well as your Bank balance. Congratulations, the item is now yours! It's that simple.

Locations Edit

If for some reason you would like to roleplay in or involving a store, the locations in New Pangaea are as follows:

  • Phillpott City
  • Earl Gray City
  • Sencha Town
  • Rooibus City
  • Tulsi City
  • Hibiscus Town